Development switchted to git

We decided that the time of svn has come and replaced it with Git. It provides a gread benefit to our workflow and finally reduces the long time used to commit a few changes because everthing is local and fast (until you push it).
I can only recommend all projects using svn (or even worse CVS) to switch to Git (or any other dvcs you might prefer).

Cleaning SVN

Until recently the main development happened in a branch named "ogsector" while "trunk" was pretty much dead. We decived to clean the situatuin and move the stuff from trunk to a branch and move the stuff from ogsector to trunk. On the move the autotools stuff was cleaned and we are working on getting "make distcheck" working. We will start cleaning the data directory next, since there is some stuff that needs to be removed or replaced.

Sound Support

Gary provided some great sounds and Carsten got inspired and implemented sound support based on OpenAL. It's not perfect yet, but looking good. On windows it seems to cause a slowdown. We will continue working on that.


Development coming along nicely

Opengate, out beloved spaceship MMORPG, is currently targetting for it's inital release. The current status is that you can fly around in space, dock at a station, chat with each other, attack each other, play against an AI player, choose your ship, etc. We are working on support for the meta-server to authenticate against and to clean up the code.

All in all it looks very promising!

New codebase coming

After the initial tries of creating a working game and the second tries of getting the CEGUI based gui working we ended up with a third attempt to create this wonderful game.
If you take a look at our screenshot section[1], you will see an unimpressive screenshot of impressive work.
To sum up what we now have:
* free flight and basic movement
* collision detection
* very basic AI
* simple HUD
* realistic acceleration
* some nice graphics

The code is not yet in SVN. We are working on that. It needs some cleanups and documentation first. But as soon as it will be in SVN we will inform you about that.

Helping hands found

Opengate found some helping hands for development. His name is "Louis Jacques" and he will try to help bringing opengate forward.
Welcome aboard!!

If anyone else is interested, the Job will remain open for a short while at

Network library chosen

I've chosen a new and upcoming network library named "grapple" from LinuxGamePublishing to build the network functionality upon. So far my inital experiments show that it's robust and powerful. So it really fits the needs of the game. It supports grouping of users connected to a server, which should enable faction-based and squad-based chat really fast. I hope I can show a working version of an initial chat soon.

Next to that, but also on the networkig front, I was able to create a method to send a request from c++ to an PHP-Skript running of an Apache Webserver. Currently I'm working on parsing the output, but so far my logs with wireshark (formerly ethereal) show that the communication ist happening correct. I just need to figure out how to parse HTTP 1.1. Maybe the source of wireshark will help me doing so.

Note: You will need a patched version of grapple to build opengate against it. The patch can be found in grapples bugtracker:

Account management

I'm currently workin on a simple (but powerfull) account management website for opengate. Currently it's developed in PHP. It's meant to be used as an informational database about the game and the players account. The player should be able to get the latest information about the game itself (like events in opengate), look at his stats, read user stories and even manage his account. For example a user deciedes to sell his ship if favor of a better one. That should be possible in the game AND in the management website.

You can take a first look at it at:

Note: It's far from complete but maybe you get the idea.

progress of the loader

As of today the loader is able to load ships from xml files (after validating them against the opengate.dtd). This means the "loader branch" which I developed seperately was merged completely into the main branch. Next steps are to load the xml-files from OGRE-vfs, cleaning up the loader for memory leaks and showing the loaded ship in the game. All the code is in SVN so have fun and play with it.

Work on XML-loader started

I finally got the time to continue the development of Opengate. This time I started working on a simple XML-reader based on libxml2 to read and validate the existing XML files. This lead to an DTD which I uploaded to the website and can be found at . It's my first DTD so be gentle with me.